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spiritual healer

As a spiritual healer, I go to the heart of the matter to discover what is underlying any issue. By addressing the cause, we can facilitate spiritual healing and release the related effects and symptoms.

Many of my clients, who include doctors, lawyers, healers, counselors, and other psychics, have called me their "spirit doctor" because my spiritual healing assists them to create peace, harmony and joy on all levels of their body, mind, heart and spirit. It is my purpose, my mission and my passion as a spiritual healer to facilitate the spiritual healing of the soul, so the body, mind and heart can be at peace and in joy.

Anything that has manifested itself in the physical, whether it is in the physical body or in one's life circumstances, is likely to have originated on the emotional, mental or spiritual level. Many of these issues are the result of early childhood traumas, wounds or beliefs that perpetuate detrimental and destructive patterns in a person's life. Because these root causes often lie hidden in a person's unconscious belief system, it takes a spiritual healer to access these hidden blocks in order to gently shed light upon them so they may be truly healed.

Whenever we experience pain or trauma, a piece of our soul gets trapped in that moment, and relives that pain over and over again until it is released. This is why we experience persistent and recurring memories of traumatic events, because that piece of our soul is trapped there waiting for us to free it. Spiritual healing allows you to reclaim your power so you can be whole again. Healing trauma or painful situations does not need to be a painful or traumatic process. Bringing awareness to the surface is often enough to set you free.

Some issues and ailments originate beyond this lifetime in past lives, and  may not be explainable or accessible by anyone other than a spiritual healer. This is especially true of phobias, chronic conditions, or perpetually repeating patterns that may not be easily treated or explained by conventional means.

Many people have pains, fears, illnesses, and other conditions that are caused by experiences of past lives, but they are usually not consciously aware of the past life connection. Many phobias are related to deaths in other lifetimes (spiders, snakes, heights, enclosed spaces, etc.). Relationship issues and financial challenges can also stem from a pledge or a vow from a past life. Some people who are overweight or overeaters have starved in other lifetimes. Many people who experience problems in the mouth, back, neck, respiratory or digestive system may have been tortured or executed in other lifetimes. Fear of abandonment in this life can stem from the loss of loved ones in other lifetimes.

Past lives can hold the key to the past, present and future. When you discover past lives, you can free yourself from karmic bonds, heal past life traumas, break the chain of repeating patterns, and even benefit from remembering past life skills. All of which will have a positive impact on your future in this lifetime, as well as on your future lives.

As a spiritual healer, I can assist you with healing the core issues in your life by addressing their origins, thereby helping you to heal the root of the problem so that its related symptoms, blocks and patterns can be released.

I am devoted to being a spiritual healer and clearing such issues as fears, chronic conditions and repeating patterns. Together, we can address success and failure, love, money, relationships, sabotage, or anything that is keeping you from fully enjoying your life.

spiritual healing sessions are conducted by telephone and last about an hour.
The cost is $200,
which includes a recording.
(I call you, so you have no phone charges)

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Spiritual healing can return you to a state of peace, harmony and balance - quickly and easily. It is my intention as a spiritual healer to provide a shortcut to healing life issues by going directly to the heart of the matter in order to address the cause, thereby facilitating the spiritual healing of all related symptoms. Clients call my work enlightening and transformational - we can accomplish a great deal in just one session (read testimonials). It would be my honor and pleasure to be of service to you as your spiritual healer.

spiritual healer
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