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I offer psychic advice as a service to assist you on your path. It is my pleasure and my privilege to share my psychic gifts by offering psychic advice that addresses life's most important questions. is one of the ways that I can give back in gratitude for all that I have been blessed with, which is why I offer this weekly free psychic advice column. The guidelines for submitting a question to receive psychic advice are as follows:

Due to the volume of requests I receive for psychic advice, I cannot answer all questions, and I do not give free psychic advice by e-mail. My goal is to address life's most important questions in order to provide answers that are meaningful and helpful to many people.

When writing your question, please be clear, concise and use punctuation. Long letters will not be read. I reserve the right to edit questions for clarity or form.

--  Please don't make your question long and rambling.
--  Make sure you state a specific question.
--  Try to be clear, concise and to the point.
--  If ages are relevant to the question, include them.
--  Use punctuation. Please use caps, but not all caps.
--  Sorry, not all questions are published or answered.

Questions such as: "Am I pregnant/When will I get pregnant?", or "Where is my dog/my lost bracelet?", or "Will he/she ask me out?", or "Is my spouse cheating on me?", are considered "exclusively personal" and will usually be disregarded. (For these types of questions, I recommend you use a pendulum to get your answers).

By sending e-mail, you consent to freely allow your question to be posted on this website, and perhaps syndicated or otherwise published. Names and e-mail addresses will be kept confidential.

You must use the form on this website in order to submit a question to for psychic advice. I need your real full name and e-mail address in order to answer your question, but names will not be included in the column and all personal information is kept confidential, unless it forms part of the question you submit.

You must be 18 years of age or older in order to participate. The content provided in this column is solely informational and not intended to replace professional counsel should your situation warrant it. If you have a serious problem, please seek professional advice. Consult with an attorney, physician, or other trained professional before deciding on a course of action.

Thank you for following these guidelines
I look forward to answering
Submit your question

I have been blessed with many psychic gifts, and it is my privilege to share these gifts by offering psychic advice to people all over the world. The psychic advice that I offer comes from a profound desire to help as many people as possible with psychic advice that supports them to get the most from this lifetime. It is my intention to provide the free psychic advice column as a way to assist people everywhere to navigate the journey of life with the utmost peace, love and joy.

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