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Ask Grace "Your Answers for Life" appears online only on this website at - these articles are also available for syndication in print.


Answering questions for thousands of clients around the world as a professional psychic since 1991, Grace is an authority on psychic advice.

Grace goes to the heart and the root of the issue, giving both practical advice as well as insight into the spiritual and emotional elements underlying the question.

Now more than ever, people are searching for deeper answers in order to find meaning and purpose in life, and are seeking psychic advice to help them navigate the challenges of the journey of life.

Throughout Grace's career as a professional psychic, she has answered questions on probably every conceivable topic, making her the ideal source to address a wide range of questions.

The Ask Grace Psychic Advice Column focuses on answers to life's most important questions, which are uniquely answered from a psychic perspective. "Your Answers for Life" topics rotate on a weekly basis covering the following four categories:

- Relationships - addressing soul mates, karmic bonds, sacred contracts and family soul groups, including questions about love, dating, marriage, family, friendships, children, divorce, etc. and all aspects and dynamics of beginning, ending, and being in every form of relationship to support lasting love and happiness for all.
- Health and Wellbeing - exploring health issues from a psychic perspective to reveal the underlying causes of these conditions and how to make changes to promote wellbeing on all levels.
- Psychic and Spiritual - explaining the unexplained in clear terms to provide understanding of all kinds of psychic phenomena and psychic abilities; also describing how to harness and manage psychic powers to benefit oneself and others.
- Global / Philosophical / Societal - offering psychic insight into the issues that affect us all as human beings, exploring cause and effect, and empowering individuals to influence the collective outcome for one and all during these pivotal times on Earth.

"Your Answers for Life" columns can be tailored for syndication to specialize in one of these areas, particularly for monthly syndication, or can cover all areas on a rotating basis. If you prefer, you may choose to select your own columns from our advice column archive that would best meet the interests of your audience (we will email you information to access our full catalog of available columns, which is a non-public restricted database for media only).

Grace can personally customize a column to meet the needs of your publication, adjusting it to any size.

At any length, Grace ensures that her answers are thorough, compassionate, thought-provoking and insightful, appealing to a large audience.

Grace's advice profoundly touches people's lives:
"Thank you Grace! I was excited to see the column and I found your reply [to my question] really helpful. I love the way you explain things so well and so completely. I'm a big fan of yours."

We welcome your inquiry and respect geographical markets.

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Grace is an internationally acclaimed psychic and Gifted spiritual healer.
thousands of clients worldwide call her "Amazing Grace" due to her extraordinary insight and accuracy in helping people to create joy and success in their lives and their businesses. 

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