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About psychic "amazing Grace"

Since 1991, clients all over the world have called me "Amazing Grace" because of my psychic insight and accuracy. My clients who include doctors, lawyers, healers, counselors, and other psychics, have called me their "spirit doctor" because of my psychic abilities as a spiritual healer, offering psychic and spiritual guidance that heals the heart and soul.

I was born with the psychic gifts of clairvoyance (psychic sight), clairaudience (psychic hearing) and clairsentience (psychic feeling). My entire family is highly intuitive; both of my grandmothers were extremely psychic and studied various aspects of metaphysics, theosophy, and spiritualism since the 1920's. My mother became a spiritual seeker at the forefront of the personal growth movement. My father, who was a U.S. Diplomat, had the ability to see auras and used this psychic gift to assist him throughout his subsequent career as a corporate strategist and international negotiator for multinational conglomerates.

I first became truly aware of my psychic gifts at 7 years of age when my mother called me to her room to tell me that a dear friend of the family had suddenly died the day before. I already knew and told her before she could tell me, because he had come in spirit form and spoken to me from the foot of my bed on the night of his passing. (However, I choose not to work with those spirits who have passed over - I focus on providing those who are living with spiritual guidance that will assist them to lead a more joyful, purposeful, prosperous and fulfilling life.)

Growing up in New York City, I always had my "antenna" out, which protected me from many close calls. I was a very sensitive child - far too sensitive, according to my family, but parapsychology refers to psychics as "Psi Sensitives", so it is this acute sensitivity that allows me to perform my psychic work and be a spiritual healer. While I attended some of the top private schools in North America, my psychic abilities made it easy for me to excel in school without much need for studying, so I chose to use my time to assist others, even from a young age. People have always approached me for guidance as long as I can remember.

At the age of 22, while I was completing my BSc. degree in Business Administration, I had the privilege and good fortune to meet the Intuitive Consultant to members of the U.N. He became my teacher and mentor, and encouraged me to begin doing personal psychic consultations. I had already embarked upon a phenomenal career in the fashion industry, predicting upcoming trends for sixteen of the most well-known overseas department store chains. I was reluctant to offer my psychic gifts to the general public, but this became my calling, so I have been doing private consultations as a psychic and spiritual healer ever since.

It has been my privilege to help thousands of people all over the world who call me "Amazing Grace" because of my abilities as a psychic and spiritual healer. I am blessed with the psychic ability to access divine spiritual guidance, and it gives me great joy to be able to share this wisdom with others. I am grateful to have received so many testimonials from clients telling me how much I have helped them improve, change and transform their lives through their consultations with me as a psychic and spiritual healer.

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Grace is an internationally acclaimed psychic and Gifted spiritual healer.
thousands of clients worldwide call her "Amazing Grace" due to her extraordinary insight and accuracy in helping people to create joy and success in their lives and their businesses. 

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