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"QUARTZ CRYSTAL AND HEALING POWERS" Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries such as: "healing stones and their meanings", "gemstone properties", "crystal healing", "gemstone healing power", "chakra healing stones", "crystal healing research", "healing stones"and "crystal skulls".

Special Edition on Crystal Skulls


Question: "Crystals and their healing effect on the soul?"

"Psychic Advice":
Crystals have a healing affect on the body, as well as on the mind, heart and soul. What is more important is that they align our body, mind and heart with our soul, so we can be uplifted and resonate at higher frequencies. Children are naturally and intuitively drawn to crystals and to minerals because they give them joy and positive energy. Throughout history people have coveted gemstones, not just because of their beauty or value, but because of their power to affect us energetically and spiritually.

Everything in the Universe is energy, and everything responds to energy and is affected by energy. The human body is energy in crystalline form, as are crystals. What differentiates one form of energy from another is its frequency and rate of vibration. Everything has its own frequency and vibratory level, which is its energetic signature in the Universe. Every crystal, every plant, every animal, every human, and even every disease has its own particular frequency and energetic vibration. Every thought, every feeling and every action also has its own particular frequency and vibration as well. (The vibration is the energy that is emitted by a person, place or thing, and the frequency is the quality of that energy or the particular wavelength that it is resonating at.)

Each species has its own energetic frequency that characterizes it as a whole, then each subset within a species has its own characteristic frequency, then each individual within that subset has its own individual frequency and vibration. For instance, the species of dogs as a whole has its own energetic frequency, but within the species, each particular breed of dog has its own energetic characteristics, and each individual dog has it own personality that has its own frequency. German shepherds tend to share certain energetic qualities that are very different from Chihuahuas, even though they both share energetic frequencies of being in the dog species. The same is true for trees, for instance, a maple tree has a very different energy than a Douglas Fir. A lemon has different energy than a grape or watermelon, even though they are all fruit. The same is also true for crystals - each different mineral type has its own frequency, and the vibration of that energy affects everything around it.

Everything on Earth is interrelated, because everything here is of the earth. We are all made of the same stuff - what truly differentiates humans from plants, animals, water or air is not just small differentials of DNA, but it is rather our level of consciousness and the frequency that we resonate at energetically. Science has demonstrated that nothing is truly solid - everything is composed of atoms with vast amounts of space between them. The more slowly those atoms move or vibrate, the more solid something appears to be, and conversely, the faster those atoms and molecules move and vibrate, the lighter and more etheric or gaseous something is. By speeding up its vibration, we can essentially cause something to disappear or evaporate - heat speeds up molecules and atoms, causing liquid to evaporate into gas.

Disease occurs when energy slows down or gets blocked on the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual level. When our energy vibrates more slowly, it becomes more dense and heavy, creating energy blockages that establish pain, disease, tumors, etc. In order to release these energy blockages, we must increase the vibration so the energy can move and flow freely again. Laughter raises our vibration, which is why laughter is said to be the best medicine. Depression slows down the immune system and depresses our energy, which allows energy blocks to develop. The reason that sedentary people are more prone to disease is because energy needs to move in order to maintain a vibratory frequency of wellness and wellbeing. The reason that exercise is required in order to lose weight is because exercise raises the frequency of energy in the body, causing the body to burn the density of fat and thereby become lighter.

We are constantly impacted by the energy of everything around us, whether we are aware of it or not. The food that we ingest does not only nourish us physically, but it also nourishes us emotionally, spiritually and energetically. We are what we eat because the food that we ingest not only feeds the cells within our body but actually builds and becomes those cells. A seed becomes a plant by absorbing all of the nutrients from the water and soil that become part of it. An animal or human body grows by absorbing the nutrients from the food it ingests. Each person who handles that food affects its energy and vibration, from the farmer, to the grocer, to the cook. If you have ever cooked when you are angry, you know that your energy affects and alters the energy and taste of food. That is why love is the secret ingredient to making everything taste good and feel good. Love is the great nurturer and nourisher.

Just as our energy impacts our food, it can also affect everyone and everything around us, and conversely, everyone and everything around us can also affect our energy. Crystals can have a tremendous effect on our energy and frequency because they resonate with the frequency of the crystalline aspect of ourselves. Crystals can restore balance and harmony within us at all levels, in much the same way that a tuning fork can help us attune an instrument. Each crystal has its own frequency, and therefore each crystal will affect our frequency and energy in different ways. Every crystal will have an impact on the body, mind, heart and soul to varying degrees, depending on the type of crystal, and the consciousness and sensitivity of the person working with them or wearing them.

Quartz crystal is an amplifier and generator of energy. Quartz can help to energize you, and can help you to amplify your thoughts and intentions so you start to resonate on the frequency of that which you desire to experience, which then allows you to attract it. Remember that like energy attracts like energy, so you must adjust your frequency and harmonize it with the outcome you desire in order for you to experience that. For instance, you cannot sit around having thoughts of "poor me" and expect to get rich - you must align yourself with the energy of being wealthy and prosperous so you can attract experiences that are vibrating on that frequency, rather than on the frequency of self-pity that simply attracts more victim experiences. Pyrite and gold are excellent stones for creating the energetic frequency of wealth and prosperity.

Rose quartz is an excellent stone for healing the heart, for supporting feelings of self-love, and for attracting love. Rhodocrosite is a good stone for overcoming addiction, and for healing old wounds and traumas. On the spiritual level, danburite is a good stone for supporting astral travel. Moonstone supports feminine energy. Lapis Lazuli increases psychic awareness, and supports one to express one's truth.

Generally speaking, stones of a certain color support their corresponding chakra. For instance, red stones such as ruby, carnelian, garnet, red dolomite, etc., all support the root or first chakra at the base of the spine. This is the chakra of survival, of grounding and lifeforce. Red stones will support blood flow, passion, and a sense of being alive and empowered. Dark stones such as hematite, onyx, smoky quartz, obsidian and black tourmaline are very good for feeling grounded, centered and safe.

Orange stones such as topaz and citrine support the sacral or second chakra of sexuality and creativity. Orange stones will increase creative energy, and when paired with blue stones will support creative expression. When orange stones are paired with red stones, they will support passion and sexual energy.

Yellow stones such as amber and tiger's eye support the power center or third chakra located in the solar plexus/diaphragm. Yellow stones will support one to feel powerful and confident. Amber also holds the energy of ancient wisdom, as it is the hardened resin from trees.

Green stones such as emerald, malachite, peridot, aventurine and jade are healing stones. Green is the color of healing - it is the color of the heart chakra and of the physical heart. Green stones can be used for healing at all levels. Turquoise was considered by Native Americans to be the all-purpose healing stone; Asians consider jade to be the great healing stone.

Pink stones also work with the heart, and are the color relating to the emotional and spiritual aspects of the heart. Pink stones such as rose quartz, kunzite, morganite and pink onyx all provide emotional support to the heart. Watermelon tourmaline, which has a pink center surrounded by green, is an excellent stone for healing the physical and emotional aspects of the heart so you can be balanced and centered, and at peace within yourself.

Blue stones relate to the throat, or the fifth chakra. Blue is the color of expression and of truth, and blue stones such as aquamarine, sapphire, sodalite and blue topaz will support one to express one's truth. Blue is also the color of trust, of loyalty and of faith.

Violet stones support the third eye or sixth chakra. Purple is the color of intuition, and stones such as amethyst, sugilite, and purple fluorite are excellent for enhancing intuition and meditation. Purple was often the color of royalty, and royals were often considered to be descended from the divine, and divinely guided and ordained.

White or clear stones support the crown or the seventh chakra. Stones such as diamonds, herkimers, clear quartz and white dolomite support channeling and receiving divine guidance and inspiration. Diamonds and clear quartz help us to know the truth and to align with divinity and our higher self. White and clear stones also support purity and clarity of mind and spirit.

Crystals help us to raise our vibration and to restore balance and harmony on all levels. They are amplifiers of thought, energy and vibration and can support us to create what we desire. However, nothing can actually create change for us unless we have the intention to create that change. The ultimate power always remains within us to choose our destiny and to create our reality, with a little help from our crystalline friends.

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