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Question: "Grace, would you explain why my head has hurt for the last two months and almost everybody else I experience is suffering as well, migraines, etc? It's like a huge pressure! "

Psychic Advice:
People get headaches for many different reasons, but pain of any kind is always an indication that something is out of balance. Pain lets us know that there is something we need to pay attention to, but we often ignore it, until the pain grows and persists so much that it becomes chronic. Chronic pain indicates that there is a particular pattern of experience that is causing an energy block, because when energy is flowing freely and harmoniously, there is no pain.

When you are experiencing pain of any kind, it is best to take some quiet time alone so you can connect to what is really going on within you. You can take a few slow, deep breaths, and breathe into the pain itself. Allow the pain to have a voice, and let it speak to you to let you know what is causing you pain in your life.

You can also use a pendulum to determine the underlying causes of your pain. A pendulum is an excellent tool that allows you to connect with your intuitive guidance in a way that you can clearly see and feel. It can assist you to understand the source of your problems, and it can help you to know how to correct them, and what to do about them.

Headaches are a physical symptom of imbalance and blocked energy, but the causal energy blocks can be occurring on any level: physical causes, mental causes, emotional causes, psychic/spiritual causes, or global/societal causes. Once you have determined the imbalance that is causing your pain, you can start to correct it, restoring the harmonious flow of energy so you can live free of pain.

The following is a list of possible causes for headaches, and what you can do to correct them (as long as the following list is, it is not an exhaustive list). You can use a pendulum to go through this list to help you find the actual cause of your headache. When using a pendulum, you can start by asking if the cause of the problem is on the physical, emotional, mental, psychic, or global level; then proceed down the list in that particular category until your pendulum indicates the cause. Possible remedies for relief of headaches are listed at the very end.

What are causes of chronic headaches?








LACK OF OXYGEN - the brain needs oxygen in order to function properly, and most people are shallow breathers, especially when they are under stress. The human body can survive for days without food and water when necessary, but without enough oxygen, it can only survive for a couple of minutes. We need to breathe slowly and deeply in order to support our circulatory system to pump oxygen throughout our body via our bloodstream. Whenever you are yawning, it is a sign that your brain is being starved of oxygen. Breathe deeply, and imagine oxygen flowing into your brain, then imagine exhaling toxins each time you breathe out. Visualize yourself sending the breath right into your pain, then imagine that you are releasing the pain and relaxing as you exhale. Do this several times to feed your brain, and allow it to relax.

DEHYDRATION - most people are chronically dehydrated because they don't drink enough good quality water throughout the day. The human body is composed of 70% water, and the human brain is 93-94% water. Water is essential to maintaining health and wellbeing, and is used by the body to maintain its electrical system, as well as to flush out toxins. If we do not drink enough water (other types of drinks don't count), then the body reabsorbs water from the colon, sending toxins throughout the bloodstream. Chronic constipation can cause chronic headaches, and one might consider having colonic irrigation to restore hydration and health to the digestive system. Also, adding lemon, pure maple syrup, or alkalizing drops to drinking water may improve the body's ability to absorb the water, and improve its taste, making water easier to drink.

FATIGUE - most people do not get enough sleep these days, and when they do, it is often not restful. It is important to start to wind down in preparation for sleep about 2 hours before going to bed. Do not eat anything during that time, and perhaps it might be best to keep the evening meal light. Drink only water or caffeine-free herbal teas, and allow yourself to relax as much as possible. Do not over-stimulate your mind before bed, and be careful what you read or what you watch before going to sleep. Do not sleep with the TV on, and avoid watching the news right before bed, and avoid any other frightening or adrenaline inducing programs or books. You can take a warm bath before bed, perhaps with Epsom salts or with a mixture of ½ cup sea salt with ½ cup apple cider vinegar - this is excellent for relaxation and for drawing out pain and toxins of all kinds from the body.

ALLERGIES - food allergies can cause terrible headaches, especially wheat, dairy and chocolate (which is known to directly contribute to migraines). Sometimes one may have cravings for the very things one is allergic to. Start to keep a journal of your headaches, as well as a diary of the foods you are eating, and the emotions you are feeling to help determine what might be triggering your headaches. Other allergens, such as dust, mold, and pollen can also cause headaches.

MALNOURISHMENT - the closer that food is to the ground it was grown in, the more nutrients it contains, and the more alive it is. These days, with the prevalence of shipping food thousands of miles, processing it with preservatives so it can last on the shelves for months, and even refrigeration, the food we eat is often lacking nutrients, if not completely devoid of nutritional value. In essence, no matter how much of this type of "food" we eat, the body and brain may be starving. It is best to eat foods that are as fresh and organic as possible, and of course, to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens. It is also good to supplement one's diet with high quality nutrients, as well as essential fatty acids.

EYESTRAIN - eyestrain and eye fatigue can cause headaches, especially if one spends a lot of time in front of a computer screen. Anti-glare filters are available for computers, and it is essential to have proper lighting when reading or while working. It is also a good idea to take periodic breaks to rest your eyes. You can close your eyes for a moment, and perhaps use a technique called palming where you rub your palms together until they become warm, then cup your palms gently over each eye (make sure your hands are clean). Light sensitivity can also cause headaches and migraines, so it is helpful to adjust gradually to extreme changes in light, especially sunlight, and consider wearing good UV filtering sunglasses.

CHEMICALS AND FRAGRANCES - people are becoming more and more sensitive to chemicals and fragrances as we are being increasingly bombarded with them everywhere in our society. Never before in history have humans been exposed to so many man-made chemicals, and it is turning out to be a terrible experiment that is costing people their health, wellbeing, and even their lives. Many companies mask noxious odors in their products with "pleasant-smelling" perfumes, which actually cause people to breathe the chemicals in more deeply - and smell goes right to the brain. It is best to seek out non-toxic, natural and organic products as much as possible, including foods, detergents, garden products, and even fabrics.

CONGESTION - sinus congestion and sinus pressure can cause headaches. This can be alleviated through massage, or with acupuncture, or by avoiding substances that cause allergic reactions. Congestion in the ears can also create pressure, which can be relieved with ear candling.

MISALIGNMENT - spinal or neck misalignment can lead to headaches and pain of all kinds. The spine and neck are very delicate, and it is very easy for vertebrae to come out of proper alignment through poor posture, sudden movements, falls, accidents, a bad night's sleep, etc. Stretching helps maintain proper alignment, as does good posture. Chiropractic adjustments, stretching by an osteopath, craniosacral massage, or acupuncture/acupressure can restore proper alignment. Also, wearing orthodic supports in shoes can improve overall posture and spinal alignment, eliminating pain.

TENSION - most people experience a great deal of stress on a daily basis, which can result in a tremendous amount of physical tension. This type of tension is often felt in the shoulders, back and neck, which can cause severe headaches. Also, people who are under such stress will often grind their teeth at night, or experience TMJ which is tension in the jaw and temples. Deep breathing, stretching, frequent massage, and massaging the temples and the hinge of the jaw can relieve and release tension.

TOXINS AND HEAVY METALS - toxins and heavy metals can be ingested from our food or water, or even from the air we breathe. When mercury fillings are removed from teeth, they are treated as a biohazardous toxic chemical - and every time you chew, you are releasing some of those toxins into your blood stream. It is best to have mercury amalgam fillings carefully removed by a competent specialist. It can also be helpful to go on a periodic cleanse to remove toxins and heavy metals from the body - a health food store or naturopathic physician can direct you in proper cleansing of your body and vital organs.

HORMONAL IMBALANCES - hormones can also contribute to headaches, especially during PMS. It would be best to consult a naturopathic or homeopathic physician, or a doctor of Chinese Medicine for assistance in restoring and maintaining hormonal balance.


STRESS - stress is the most common cause of headaches, because it causes extreme tension in the body (see "TENSION" above), and it also creates and releases toxic chemicals in the body. Meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques are essential. It is also helpful to really evaluate what is most important in life. Which is truly more important: your health and wellbeing, or whatever is causing you to feel stress? We often create unnecessary stress by making things more important or urgent than they really are, so make sure you keep life in proper perspective.

RESISTANCE - resistance always causes pain in one form or another. When we resist anything, we are essentially pushing against the entire Universe, which is a battle we cannot win. This resistance causes pressure, which causes pain. If I told you to resist and push against the wall, you would eventually experience pain in various parts of yourself, including a potential headache. We can have resistance to doing something that we know is for our highest good, or we can feel resistance to change. We cannot avoid change, and resistance to change only makes change more painful.

A GREAT EXCUSE? - a person can use pain as an excuse for not doing something that they don't really want to do (not tonight dear, I have a headache!). It is always better to be honest and direct, and to express your own truth, but if you are not expressing yourself, then your body is likely to do it for you. Once you allow yourself to express your truth, then you may no longer need to have a headache.

WORRY - many people spend (and waste) a lot of energy worrying about things in life, especially about money or survival. Worry is counterproductive, and will not solve anything, but it will give a person a great deal of pain, and a gigantic headache. The opposite of worry, or fear, is faith. It can be helpful to visualize only what you want to experience, and to focus your thoughts as much as possible on the outcome that you would like to manifest, because your thoughts direct your reality. Use the power of prayer, visualization and meditation to relax and trust your own power to create the life you choose. Be grateful for the tests and challenges you have endured, because they have made you stronger, more creative and more resourceful. Instead of focusing on problems, ask for solutions to present themselves. Every time you ask a question, the Universe provides an answer, so allow yourself to ask the right questions and focus on the right thoughts in order to get the answers, the ideas, the inspiration, the motivation and the outcomes that you desire to experience. Worry does not solve anything, and it only costs you vital energy and life force, and completely wastes your time. Worry will cause you to feel powerless and afraid, but every problem has a solution, if you are willing to shift your perspective in order to see it.

NEGATIVE EMOTIONS - negative emotions such as anger, resentment, bitterness, etc., cause extreme tension in the body and release toxic chemicals. These negative emotions, if allowed to fester, will create terrible energy blocks in the body that can eventually manifest as disease of all kinds, especially cancer. You can use meditation or breathing exercises to release such emotions, or even physical activities like swimming, kick-boxing, martial arts, etc. You can pound a mattress, yell into a pillow, or even write a letter to get this type of energy out of your system.

SELF-CRITICISM - negative self-talk can cause chronic headaches. Self-criticism is a form of self-punishment. If you do not believe that you are a good person, then you will not believe that you deserve to feel good, or have good things or good experiences in life. It is best to be patient and loving with yourself under all circumstances, and to understand that sometimes we are hearing other people's judgments in our own head. People only judge others because of their own projections of pain and self-criticism. Allow yourself to relax and accept yourself as you are, to love yourself and allow yourself to feel good and enjoy life. As you do this, your life will change to reflect your self-love and self-worth, allowing you to release your pain, self-punishment, and self-sabotage.


ANXIETY - feeling anxious about anything can lead to headaches. Anxiety causes shallow breathing which diminishes the oxygen supply to the brain; anxiety also restricts blood flow which further starves the brain of much-needed nutrients. Anxiety can cause restlessness, sleeplessness, and all kinds of things that contribute to chronic headaches. It is best to learn to relax as much as possible, especially before sleep. Take slow, deep breaths, and imagine only the outcomes that you would like to experience. Invest your thoughts and energies only in those things that you want to create and manifest, then use visualization to see yourself having those experiences. Breathe, relax and receive.

INSOMNIA - insomnia is a great contributor to chronic headaches. It is important to get enough sleep, but it is even more important that the sleep one gets is restful. It can help to make sure that the room is completely dark, unplug and remove any electronic equipment, remove anything that makes noise or wear earplugs, and make sure that you are as comfortable as possible before going to bed (follow all recommendations for "FATIGUE" above). When lying in bed, breathe and relax your toes, your feet, your legs, and slowly work your way up your body until your entire body is completely relaxed. Imagine that with each breath, you are relaxing more and more, and releasing any and all tension from each part of your body. Do not do any work before bed, and you might want to imagine that there is a large box or trunk that you can store any recurring thoughts in, then lock that box until morning. Do not get up or read. Simply keep breathing slowly and deeply, allowing your body to rest and be re-energized by your breath and relaxation, and keep breathing into any pain, allowing it to release more and more with each breath.

PRESSURE TO PERFORM - some people feel a lot of pressure in their work or home life, especially if they are students, or needing to prove themselves with some sort of test or exam. Such people can be doing too much reading or studying, or be trying to concentrate too much, which is very tiring to the brain. This type of pressure can cause a person to feel a great deal of tension or anxiety, and can stop them from breathing properly, which cuts off oxygen to the brain and can create headaches. This can also prevent them from being able to think or remember clearly. It is best to breathe, and relax, and envision the outcome that you would want to experience. See yourself winning, smiling, happy and at ease. See everything flowing and going your way, with the desired results and outcome. Trust that you know all you need to know, and visualize yourself succeeding over and over again, until you feel peace and confidence.

OVERACTIVE MIND - having too many thoughts and over-thinking can be very taxing and tiring for the brain (see "WORRY" above). A person whose mind is always thinking may find it helpful to keep a journal, and to write down lists, especially when there are decisions to be made that are occupying their thoughts. Writing things down can get it out of one's mind, and once it is on paper, it can be easier to manage and to see clearly.

INDECISION - making choices and decisions can cause some people a great deal of pain, frustration, fear and anxiety. A pendulum is an excellent tool to assist in decision-making. One can also make a list of all the pros and cons to a particular decision by dividing the page in two down the middle, with pros/positives on the right hand side, and cons/negatives on the left. Then rate each pro or con to determine how strong it is for you: assign pros a number on a scale from +1 to +10, with +10 being the most positive, and cons can be measured on a scale from -1 to -10, with -10 being the most negative. You can add up the score on both sides to determine whether it is most strongly a positive or a negative choice for you.

REPRESSED MEMORIES - sometimes headaches can be the result of repressed memories from this life or others, and it would be best to seek out some form of counseling, or some type of psychic reading in order to bring light and healing.

PERFECTIONISM - people who are perfectionists can be prone to chronic headaches. The feeling of being driven, or forcing oneself to do things one doesn't really want to do can create a lot of pressure and tension. Also, perfectionists are often very self-critical, and have a hard time forgiving themselves and others, which holds tension and negative emotions that increase toxicity in the body. No one and nothing on Earth is perfect - in fact, everything here is perfectly imperfect. There is no way to experience perfection other than accepting that everything is perfect as it is, including you. You can only do your best and give your best, and that must be good enough, or else your lack of self-acceptance and self-love will cause pain in many areas of life.


CROWN CHAKRA - if you have a headache on the very top of your head, it can be that your crown chakra is closed. Allow yourself to breathe and imagine that the top of your head is opening to receive light, and that your head and mind are filled with light, and with love. Feel yourself receiving more and more light through the top of your head with each breath. Allow yourself to be open to receive this divine light and love, and the guidance that comes with it. Sometimes resisting this guidance is what is causing the headache, so allow yourself to relax and trust what comes to you.

THIRD EYE - if you have a headache in the middle of your forehead, it can be that your third eye is closed. Close your eyes and breathe, taking your index finger of your right hand and gently rub the center of your forehead in a circular motion, clockwise or counterclockwise as you wish, or alternating both. This can also help to trigger memory and to bring things to greater clarity of mind.

EARTHQUAKE HEADACHES - some people who are very psychically sensitive will pick up earthquakes and other phenomena of mass devastation in the form of a headache. The only thing to do in this case is to breathe through it, and start to notice whether your headaches tend to occur a few days before natural disasters. Some psychics who experience this phenomenon say that the headaches are more intense the closer the event is to them, either in terms of time or distance. Changes in weather and barometric pressure can also cause headaches for some people.

PSYCHIC SENSITIVITY - some people are highly empathic and pick up on energy that is all around them. A very sensitive person can feel the pain and discomfort of other people without realizing that it belongs to someone else. If you felt fine one moment, then suddenly have a headache or some other form of discomfort or negative emotion the minute you enter a room or talk to a certain person, then it is likely to be energy that you are picking up. Envision a bubble of white light surrounding and protecting you at all times to shield you from other people's energy.


EMF / ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES - we are electromagnetic beings and we are affected by electromagnetic energies that are all around us, whether we realize it or not. Sleeping near electronic equipment, sitting in front of television or computer screens, and being on telephones, especially cordless phones or cellular phones bombards us with electromagnetic energy that can be extremely harmful to our health and well-being. Many people who constantly use cell phones often suffer from chronic headaches, so it is best to use a headset or a land line as often as possible. It is also important to monitor one's posture when on the phone, and avoid twisting the neck. Living near electrical transformers may contribute to many physical ailments, including headaches and fibromyalgia. EMF protectors, such as a device called a QLink, can be very helpful.

POLLUTION - we are what we eat, drink and breathe, and toxic chemicals in our air, food and water greatly affect our health and wellbeing. If a number of people in your area are experiencing chronic headaches, this could be a factor. Sometimes nearby factories are emitting toxins into the air or ground water, or some companies may be illegally dumping toxic chemicals, hazardous waste, or even medical waste in your area. You should make sure that you are drinking bottled water purified by reverse osmosis. Even exhaust fumes from cars and carbon monoxide can cause chronic headaches, especially if you park your car within your house, or if your live in a high traffic area. Getting an air purifier would be very helpful.

ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS - certain construction materials can let off noxious fumes that can cause chronic headaches, especially if moisture or toxic mold is present. Fluorescent lighting, including compact fluorescents, can be very detrimental to concentration and to mental wellbeing - it is best to buy full-spectrum light bulbs at a health food store.

SHIFTS IN GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS - sometimes, when great changes are about to occur in the collective consciousness, many people will start to exhibit different reactions as they are picking up on the shift in frequency. For some people, this can be felt as headaches, especially on the top of the head, middle of the forehead, or in the temples. It can also be felt as pressure. Some people may feel a growing sense of excitement, or anxiety, or fear, or even dread. Shifts in global consciousness do not always have to be triggered by catastrophic events, but they often are, so the anticipation of this type of energy shift can cause a great deal of agitation or discomfort for those who are sensitive to it. Breathe and trust that all is happening for the highest and best good of all. Miracles occur all the time, especially in the face of transition and transformation. Surround yourself and those you love with light and angels, and follow any and all intuitive guidance that you receive. Make sure that you listen to your inner feelings, trust them and act on them, even if it doesn't seem rational or make sense. Trust that you are always safe, guided and protected, then allow yourself to breathe. Remember that the Earth is going through a great rebirth, and we are all midwives here, so breathe to ease the tension and transition as we go through spiritual Lamaze!


DIET AND EXERCISE - stretch; breathe fresh air; drink lots of pure water; move your body; walk; sweat to release toxins; breathe deeply to release through breath; eat whole organic foods as much as possible; take high quality vitamins and nutrients, especially essential fatty acids (fish oil, flax oil, etc.); take martial arts or yoga, etc.

PHYSICAL RELIEF - rub the "web" of your hand between your thumb and forefinger; massage your temples in circles; rub your third eye in the middle of your forehead in gentle circles; massage the back of your neck and base of your cranium; massage the hinge of your jaw both on the outside and inside your mouth; cup your eyes with the palms of your hands; massage your sinuses above and below your eye sockets; rub your ears; use cold packs or hot compresses as needed, and a heating pad on your lower back.

DETOXIFICATION - use an infrared sauna to sweat and release toxins; take a detoxifying bath of ½ cup sea salt mixed with ½ cup apple cider vinegar; go on a cleanse recommended by a health food store or naturopath; colonic irrigation, especially if chronically constipated; ear candling to remove excess wax buildup and pressure; take mineral baths or go to hot springs; have seaweed or mud wraps, etc.

BODYWORK - acupuncture; acupressure; massage; craniosacral; Jin Shin Do; chiropractic; osteopath; pilates; rolfing, etc.

NATURAL MEDICINE - naturopathic doctor; Chinese medicine; herbalist; nutritionist, etc.

VISUALIZATION - breathe into the pain; imagine the top of your head is open to receive light that is pouring into your head; imagine a shower of light washing through your body, cleansing your body of pain and toxins that are pouring out from the bottoms of your feet into the earth - keep imagining this until you see light pouring out of your feet; become one with the pain, feel it intensely, imagine what it is like, ie. a hammer pounding a nail, then really feel the pounding of the hammer, then pull the nail out - do the opposite of what the pain feels like to cure it. If it is pressure, feel the pressure, then imagine there is a release valve that releases the pressure and see the pressure leaving your body like steam; surround yourself in light at all times to protect you from all outside forces and energies.

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