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Question: "The question that I have deals with negative auras. I have recently been to a few psychics in the New York area and all have informed me that I have a 'negative aura'. I started to question many events that have occurred in my life - especially romantic relationships. All the psychics were in agreement that this is the reason why I have not found love, or love has been slipping away from me. I finally decided to take a psychic recommendation to begin a 'cleansing process', but yet I'm still a bit hesitant to find out if this is a scam to receive money from people. Can you please give me some insight on aura cleansings and if these psychic women that I have encountered are pure business women who know how to sell a line to individuals."

Psychic Advice: Each person has an energy field around them called the aura that functions in a number of ways. The aura is essentially our force field - it is a bubble of protective energy that acts as a shield to protect us from outside forces. It is also the first line of defense for our immune system - illnesses will often show up in the aura long before they develop and manifest in the body.

Our thoughts and emotions affect our aura in a number of ways, and other people can sense the energy of our aura, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. This is how we "pick up on other people's vibes", because the vibration of their energy radiates all around them in their auric field.

Some people can see the energy of the aura around other people: some see the aura in different colors while others perceive it as an energy field of white light in different sizes, shapes or textures. These shapes and colors of our aura change with our thoughts and with our moods, and can tell a lot about a person. For instance, some people have a dark aura or "dark cloud" around them, and can be prone to depression and negativity, and often attract unfortunate experiences.

The energy of our aura is also impacted by our experiences in life. Traumatic events like accidents, surgery or various other physical or emotional traumas can tear holes in the aura, which compromises the immune system of the aura, and can leave a person vulnerable to physical ailments, or to mental, emotional or spiritual attack.

Emotional pain and traumas can "cloud" or "muddy" a person's aura, and can also affect the shape and texture of their aura. Someone who has been abused or repeatedly hurt in relationships may have jagged edges to their aura, similar to a porcupine, that is designed to protect them by keeping other people away. People who are afraid often unconsciously shrink and withdraw their auric field, which actually leaves them more vulnerable, because the aura is our shield of protection that creates our personal space and boundaries.

People who are very emotionally or psychically sensitive can have an aura that is like a sponge, absorbing energy from people or places around them. In many big cities like New York, this can be very detrimental, because there is a lot of history of negative energy there. One can pick up negative energy even from seemingly peaceful places where there have been previous battles, violent occurrences, or even discord and conflicts such as divorce, etc.

I would say that your aura is being affected by the negativity of your environment in the New York area because you are very sensitive to energy. You are absorbing that negativity wherever you go like a vacuum cleaner, and your aura is like a vacuum bag that needs to be changed. Your aura is also being affected by your hurt and pain from previous relationships, and it is taking on a jagged shape to keep people at a distance in order to protect you from further pain.

Also, certain negative thoughts and feelings that you have about your own self are darkening and clouding your aura, making you less attractive for love and relationships.

People whose aura is whole and intact have a radiant quality about them. Their eyes shine and sparkle, they exude vitality and have vibrant health. All of these things reflect the quality of their light, which reflects the quality, frequency and vibration of their thoughts, emotions and beliefs about themselves and their world.

The light and energy of the aura are powerfully attractive, and they will attract the same level of experiences to them as the energy they are radiating and emitting. A person who is negative and depressed will tend to have a dark aura that attracts more negative and depressing experiences to them. A person who is afraid will often withdraw their aura, which attracts abuse and attack, because that person becomes vulnerable and unprotected by shrinking their auric force field.

On the other hand, a person who is positive, loving, and enthusiastic will shine a bright light all around them that attracts love, joy and success to them in all areas of their life. This is a person for whom luck "shines" because they shine, and they attract experiences that are on a high and vibrant frequency.

There are several things you can do to achieve a negative energy cleansing of your aura. The most important thing you can do is to work with visualization, because thoughts and emotions affect your energy and your aura, and positive visualizations will positively impact your thoughts and emotions.

Visualize yourself in a shower of light, and see that light pouring down to you from the Great Central Sun above you. See this shower of light washing over you, cleansing and washing away all negative energy from your aura around you. Also visualize this shower of light pouring into your body through the top of your head, cleansing your body of any negative energy. See the negative energy pouring out of you through the bottoms of your feet, and pouring into the Earth where it is transformed into love (just like trees transform carbon dioxide into oxygen). Keep visualizing the white light pouring into you and the "sludge" of negative energy pouring out of you, until you see only light pouring out from the bottoms of your feet.

You can even do this visualization exercise when you bathe in the shower in the morning. This could be very helpful if you are not a visual person - you can simply set the intention of the water cleansing you of negativity inside and out.

Next, you would want to imagine sealing any holes in your aura, especially over places where you have scars or have had physical traumas such as accidents, violence, abuse, or surgeries. Imagine that your hands are smoothing out any jagged edges in your aura, and sealing any rips, tears or holes - do this all around you, including above you, behind you and below you.

Now, imagine your aura shining around you very brightly. See it thick and vibrant, whole and intact, and radiating love, joy and prosperity out into the world. Visualize your aura being like an eggshell or force field all around you, which allows all that is love, joy and prosperity to be drawn magnetically to you, and it protects you from all else.

Whenever you feel negativity around you, or at times when you feel afraid, you must remember to expand your light all around you - do not withdraw or shrink it! Shine your light brightly, and make it thick all around you, because it is your shield of protection. Doing this will deflect negative energy, and attract only that which resonates on the frequency of light, which is love and joy.

See yourself attracting love to you, attracting someone who has the same type of vibrant, shining aura that you do. See that, as you come together, you both maintain your individual space, your individual identity, and your aura remains whole and intact. As you join together in love, both of your auras radiate even more brightly, radiating love and light into the world.

The Light of Love is the brightest, most powerful and protective force in the Universe. Visualize yourself standing tall in your power, surrounded by your beautiful, shimmering, radiant aura that is attracting all that is positive, joyful and loving to you, and repelling all negative energy. Surround yourself with the Light of Love first thing each morning, and you will be protected from negativity and surrounded by love always.

There are sincere people who can genuinely help with aura cleansing and healing negative energy. There are also people who take advantage of other people's fears. New York psychics, especially those calling themselves "gypsies" or "fortune tellers", are famous for instilling fear in people by telling them that they have a curse or some other form of negative energy, which can be removed from them for a few hundred dollars. Unfortunately, this type of "psychic" is also prevalent on the Internet.

You must always trust yourself first and foremost. No matter what anyone else tells you, and no matter who they are, always trust how you feel inside, because your own guidance and intuition is designed to guide you to safety, and then to your greatest joy, if you will only listen to it.

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