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Question: "My mom has been diagnosed with Leukemia that is alive and killing her. She is in the hospital and going to begin chemo and is scheduled for a bone marrow transplant. Just wondered if you had any words of wisdom?"

"Psychic Advice" : Blood is the vital force within the body. There are three components of blood: red blood cells deliver oxygen to our organs and cleanse the body of carbon dioxide; white blood cells fight off foreign bodies such as infections and bacteria, and can also fight cancer; and finally platelets which stop bleeding of cuts and bruises. The form of cancer that is referred to as leukemia is the result of an over-production of abnormal white blood cells.

We often speak about "fighting cancer", but cancer is actually caused by a fight going on within the body, and with one's reality. Cancers are the result of built up resentment and bitterness that cause stagnated growth (or growths we call tumors). There are different emotional and energetic root causes for specific cancers, but cancer itself results from the growth and spreading of negativity within the self that eats away at life force. There are people who get cancer who are seemingly joyful on the outside, but who are in great sacrifice on the inside - this is often the cause of breast cancer.

If we are in the natural flow of life, then we live in joy, peace, harmony and balance. Resistance stops the flow, and creates energy blocks in life (such as lack of success or prosperity), as well as energy blocks in the body (which form disease over time). In nature, there is no resistance - when water encounters obstacles, it simply chooses another path. When a person is in resistance to anything in life, that person is in resistance to life itself, and is pushing against the entire Universe. This external battle can become internalized in the form of disease, especially cancer.

The very word "cancer", and all its related forms such as leukemia, instills fear and dread, which are forms of resistance and negativity that further block the flow of vital life energy and wellness. Our methods for "fighting cancer" are to launch a full-scale attack with chemical weapons, which further weaken the body and its immune system. People who survive cancer and its present treatments do so by having an enormous will to live, because one must draw on the strength and power of will in order to win this kind of battle.

Leukemia is a battle within the body between life and death. The white blood cells start to behave as if everything is a foreign body, and start to attack the body itself. This often occurs in a person who has no boundaries - a person whose focus is on pleasing others with little or no regard for the self. It can also occur in people whose boundaries and immune system have been weakened as a result of "fighting" other cancers with chemotherapy.

It is important to remember that the cells within our body form a Universe unto themselves. In a Universe where leukemia is thriving, a battle is ensuing where abnormal white blood cells are taking over. In fact, acute leukemia develops from young cells called "blasts", which create explosive growth of white blood cells that bombard the body. In order for true healing to occur, one must draw a truce and declare peace within. One must be willing to stop attacking and judging the self, and stop fighting and resisting external reality.

If something is not flowing properly, flow like the river and change course. In order to truly heal cancer, one must be willing to let go of negativity, within and around the self. One must release toxic thoughts and emotions that are poisoning the internal environment and allowing disease to thrive.

In the spiritual healing process, it is helpful to communicate with the disease and find out what the battle, resistance and resentment are about, then do what is necessary to shift the cause, and you will change its effect. One must also raise one's vibration and frequency above that of disease by focusing on joy and humor. Laughter is the best medicine because it heals on the cellular level by raising the frequency of the cells to that of joy and wellbeing.

A bone marrow transplant represents a profound change at the core of one's being. It is an opportunity to become someone else from the inside out. We are constantly growing and changing - the entire body is renewed every seven years. What keeps our experiences the same are our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes that can either hold us in an old place, creating blocks and stagnation, or free us to experience joy and miracles.

You can help your mother by inviting her to make peace with herself and her life. Ask her to visualize the cells in her body making peace with each other, and coming to an agreement for harmony and balance. A friend of mine likes to sing an affirmation that says: "Every little cell in my body is happy, every little cell in my body is well". Your mother may benefit from singing something like that, because singing also raises the vibration of our cells, and also raises our spirits and lifts our emotions, which promotes wellness and wellbeing.

You might also suggest that your mother visualizes bubbles of light around her in layers corresponding to the colors of the rainbow. She can visualize a red bubble of light immediately surrounding her body, filling her body with life force and passion. Then surrounding that red bubble is a bubble of orange light, filling her with creative energy. Around that is a bubble of yellow light filling her with power; then surrounding that is a bubble of green light filling her entire being with healing. Beyond that is a bubble of blue light that supports her to express her truth, and be honest and loyal to herself first. That is surrounded by a bubble of indigo light, which allows her intuition to guide her to her truth in life; followed by a bubble of violet light that allows her to receive divine guidance, inspiration and support. Finally, this rainbow of light is surrounded by white light, which is the light of love and protection - it allows all that is love, light and joy to enter her space, and protects her from all else. These bubbles of light will create boundaries to protect her from external forces, allowing her immune system to bring her body back into a state of balance and healing.*

You must remember that you cannot do the healing for her, but you can do whatever is in your heart and in your power to support her in her healing process. You cannot make decisions for her - she must decide to choose life, and she must then choose it with all of her heart and all of her will. Remind her to focus on peace when she is receiving chemotherapy, and when she goes in for her bone marrow transplant. Peace within is key to healing cancer, and especially leukemia.

*I am planning to make a guided mediation CD of this rainbow visualization to establish healthy boundaries and promote joy and wellbeing. If you would be interested in this, please click here and I will let you know when it is available.

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