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"1DEATH PREMONITIONS" Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries related to: Predict the death date of a person. Dreams that prepare for death, Premonition death and dying, Meaning of death in dreams, & more...


Question: "For about a month before my mum passed away, I kept getting terrible thoughts of being at mum's funeral, and although I tried to get the thought from my head, it kept coming back. Also, not long before she died, I was lying down and when I shut my eyes, I saw this face of what appeared to be a woman of African origin with gold-like coins on her forehead that circled her head. When I opened my eyes, the face was still there, then faded. I would like to know what this all means. Thank you."

Psychic Advice:
We are all connected with one another on the soul level, particularly with members of our soul group and soul family. We are similar to Aspen groves that appear to be made up of hundreds of individual trees, when in fact they are all connected beneath the surface of the Earth by a single root system that is indeed one organism. Because our souls are connected, we can sense when things are happening with those we love, even across time and space. Twins exhibit telepathic communication regardless of distance, but we can all have this type of psychic connection with friends, family and loved ones. Many people have experienced thinking of someone and then receiving a call from that person shortly thereafter.  We can feel when something is wrong with someone we love, but we don't always pay attention.

It can be difficult to predict the death date of a person, because death is often a choice that each soul makes with Free Will. However, many souls know when they are about to die, even if they are not consciously aware of it. People who are nearing their time of death are often guided to make certain preparations for completing this lifetime. They feel an urge to call loved ones out of the blue, to say things that have never been said, and to make sure that the message of love gets delivered as a form of goodbye.

Friends and family members can also get a premonition of death and dying regarding a loved one, like the unrelenting image you received of going to your mother's funeral. Often, these types of death premonitions come in the form of dreams that prepare for death, as well as persistent thoughts and messages. Although this makes many people feel afraid or uneasy, it is the Universe's way of giving a warning in enough time for you to be able to have some form of completion with your loved one before he/she dies, giving you the opportunity to be at peace.

Dreams that prepare for death are quite common for the person who is about to die, and also for their loved ones and those connected with them. The Universe uses dreams and death premonitions to prepare the souls involved for this transformation, because death causes abrupt change for everyone concerned. Death premonitions are meant to ease the blow and allow for a more gentle transition for all those involved.

However, death in dreams or visions does not always mean a literal death of someone. The meaning of death in dreams can indicate that change is needed, or that change is about to occur. Death is the ultimate transformation; it is not the end of life, but is the transition from one form to another, from one dimension of existence to another. The meaning of death in dreams can be symbolic, indicating that what is old or outmoded needs to change so you can move forward in your life.

You can tell if the meaning of death in dreams or visions is symbolic, or if it is an actual premonition of death and dying by how persistent the dream or vision is. If you keep seeing the same thing over an over again, it is a message that you are meant to pay attention to. The key is to act upon the message in whatever way you feel guided to, whether that is to make a phone call or plan a visit, or to connect or make amends in some way.

When you receive death premonitions about yourself or a loved one, it is usually hard to know what kind of time frame you have to work with - it could be days, weeks, or even months. It is difficult to predict the death date of a person, because death is a choice that the soul makes even beyond the last breath, as those who have had near-death experiences have demonstrated and recounted.

Visions or dreams that prepare for death are giving you messages from your higher self and from your guides, because your guides know what you are about to experience and the pain that you will undergo. The vision of the African priestess/princess was one of your guides helping you to prepare for the death of your mom by giving you death premonitions to allow the shock of loss to be more gradual and therefore more gentle for your conscious and subconscious mind.

When we lose someone we love, our guides and angels support us to survive the pain of loss, and to heal, grow and evolve through the experience. They are always there for us, even when we cannot see or feel them, just as our loved ones are often there with us in spirit even though they are no longer with us in body.

The soul does not die - it continues to exist on a higher plane. This is why deceased loved ones continue to appear in our dreams after they have passed from this Earthly dimension. In the spirit realm, they vibrate at such a high frequency that it is difficult for us to hear or see them in our conscious waking state, unless we make the effort to attune to them at their frequency. It is easier for those in spirit to connect with us in dreams, because that allows us to meet them "halfway", and we are more open and easier to communicate with in our dreams. Our guides, angels and loved ones are always in contact with us, and one of the best ways for them to connect with us is through dreams and visions.

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