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"2012" - the end of the world?

Question: "I've heard that the year 2012 holds great significance and, by then, we will have made a huge shift. My expectations tend to be a little high, so could you please shed some light on just how huge this shift is supposed to be? What kind of changes are we likely to see by then? Or is this simply another gateway to an accelerated period of growth?"

Psychic Advice:
The year 2012 marks the birth of a Golden Age, and a great transformation for consciousness on Earth. The transformation process always involves death and rebirth: the old must die so that the new may be born. The Mayan calendar, which began five thousand years ago, comes to an end on December 21, 2012, which is the Winter Solstice. This does not mark the end of the world, as some might fear, but perhaps the end of the world as we know it. The year 2012 marks the ushering in of a new dawn, a new era, and a new consciousness for many on Earth.

The previous gateways in consciousness, such as the Harmonic Convergence, the 11:11, and the turn of the Millennium, have been helping humanity to raise its vibration gradually in preparation for the shift into a higher dimension of light - into the fourth dimension of experiential reality. These shifts in energy have been experienced subtly by some, and strongly by others, depending on how sensitive and aware one is of energy and of the collective consciousness. Humanity is in the process of awakening - an awakening that has been occurring rather quickly, considering Earth time and density. The quickening has now begun, and the raising of consciousness has moved from the fringes of the "New Age" into the heart of the mainstream, with people such as Oprah Winfrey helping other teachers to reach millions of people all over the planet.

The world is indeed changing, in many ways for the better, yet some are still desperate to hold onto the old energies of fear, hatred, war and control, and will do their best to enslave humanity in the broadest way through this indoctrination. The truth is that we have been battling duality on this planet for a long time, and it is the very essence of duality itself that creates the battle, for if there is no other, then there is no other to battle with or against. This separation of "otherness" has caused much pain and suffering, and it is a great illusion. There is no other, there is only the One that we all are. As we raise our consciousness to embrace this awareness, then duality dissolves into Oneness, and peace is the result.

However, duality will continue to persist on Earth, it will simply shift into different dimensions of experiential reality. For those who have healed duality within them, the joy of peace and light is what shall be the prevalent reality. They will perceive nothing else, for they will raise their frequency to exist on a higher dimension than negativity, and so will no longer experience or perceive that. Peace shall reign on this frequency of existence. For those who continue to succumb to fear, to hatred, and to judgment, darkness and suffering will predominate in their reality.

Duality will continue in the form of two Earth existences, neither being aware of the other because they exist on different frequencies and in different dimensions. Those who choose the light will experience peace, love, joy and freedom, while those who succumb to fear will plunge into darkness and be enslaved by those controls that are implemented and perpetuated by fear. The quickening that is now occurring involves wrestling with the duality within and around us, so that we may have the opportunity to heal and overcome it, in order to experience everlasting peace.

Humanity has such a "movie" mentality about what to expect when these shifts occur - we expect it to literally move the world. Energy is much more subtle and more powerful than that. Throughout all these shifts, the changes may be imperceptible, yet profound. Do not look for the shift outside of you, but make the changes within that will change your life and your experience of this world.

These next few years are crucial, and the choices that we make on a day-to-day basis determine how quickly we raise our frequency and vibration. The dark/negative side of us is fighting for its life, as is the light/positive side of ourselves. Which will you give power to each day? Whichever side of yourself you give power to most with your thoughts, words, emotions and actions over the next few years determines what your experience will be when the shift occurs. Do not get caught between worlds - choose now and choose well.

Don't wait until 2012. Now is the time to take sides: the key is that the light side embraces the dark side as the shadow part of itself, while the dark side perpetually denies, rejects and judges otherness as being outside of itself. You are All That Is. That is key to this understanding. You must accept all that you are, all that you see, all that you experience, and in so doing, you will experience everlasting peace. Stop fighting. Stop struggling. There is no other - and there is no other way.

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"Responsibility is power. You have the power of choice.
You are always responsible for the choices you make and the actions you take."
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