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Question#1: "What is the Akashic Record?"

Psychic Advice:
The Akashic Record is the vast holographic library of all existence, which is located on the etheric/spiritual plane. In that library, there is a book that records the past, present and probable future history of every soul since it came into existence. Every thought, word and action that a soul has ever experienced is impressed within this "book", also known as "The Book of Life".

Anyone can access the Akashic Records for his/her own soul, for other souls, as well as for places and events, which also have their own Akashic Records. In order to access the Akasha, one must go into an altered state to reach that certain frequency, like turning on the radio in order to receive radio wave transmissions. To access the Akashic Record for an individual, it is easiest to use a person's name and birthdate, which are like the call numbers to tune to a particular radio station or the index system in a library to locate the book of a particular soul.

A modern analogy for the Akashic Records would be a vast Internet. Let us say that each human being has a website which provides all the information about their current life existence, and which has links to other websites in their soul group, but all websites are ultimately linked together on the World Wide Web of the Akasha. In essence, each human being would be represented by a website, but their soul would be imprinted on the hard drive itself, which contains all the information that soul has ever written, searched, or even deleted.

Let us say that there are certain individuals who can access any person's present Akashic website, and can also gain access to the hard drive that contains that website, which also contains all the information that soul ever entered in the computer over various lifetimes. One can access the Akashic Record for an individual in a number of ways, just as you can search the Web in many ways - the simplest way is by using their website address (their name and birthdate) to call up their present life website, and thereby gain access also to the hard drive that contains all the information about their soul.

Question#2:"Is the Akashic Record also known as the Collective Unconscious?"

Psychic Advice:
Some people refer to the Akashic Records as the Collective Human Consciousness, but it is far more than that. The Collective Unconscious is basically the mass consciousness and mass belief system of humanity. It consists of the hopes, fears, beliefs and judgments of all of humanity at any given time. Those beliefs that receive the greatest amount of energy thrive and prevail in our present society, while those energies that are most feared and denied remain in the Collective Unconscious driving our societal beliefs and experiences.

The Collective Consciousness has changed many times as our societal beliefs have evolved - global development, technological innovation, scientific and medical breakthroughs, space exploration, etc. are all the results of the evolution of the Collective Consciousness. The Dark Ages, the Inquisition, the fear that the Earth is flat, etc. are all examples of how the Collective Unconscious has dictated mass belief systems, and how these belief systems can change. It does not require a majority in order to shift the Collective Consciousness, it simply requires that we reach critical mass, or "the hundredth monkey", where a minimum number of people adopt a new belief system that creates a chain reaction which shifts human consciousness.

The record of the Collective Consciousness, or Collective Unconscious of humanity, is contained within the Akasha and can be accessed through the Akashic Records, but the Akasha itself is the record of all that exists, has ever existed and will ever exist. Some would say it contains the Matrix of All Creation. It is the Record of all Time, of all true history, of all probabilities, and of all possibilities. It is the Stream of Consciousness where creation and innovation are born. It encompasses all of humanity, all life itself in all forms, all events, all places, all dimensions for all time and beyond all time.

Question#3:"Since you can access the Akashic Records, are you able and permitted to tell me such things as what am I supposed to be doing next? Or what is my contract? Also, if I have a husband in my future, where, when, what's his name, etc.?"

Psychic Advice:
By accessing the Akashic Records in a psychic reading, I can obtain a great deal of information about the journey of a person's soul through this lifetime and others. We can absolutely gain understanding of what your sacred contracts are in this lifetime - for yourself and with others. We can find out who in your present life are members of your soul family, as well as whom you have karmic bonds and issues with. We can explore aspects of your life's mission and purpose (although much of this must be a process of self-discovery), and we can discover what your greatest gifts, talents and abilities are so you can make the most of this lifetime.

Life is about choice and Free Will, so there is nothing that you are "supposed to do" next. However, we can explore your various choices and options, and see where they are likely to lead you. In short, we can "try various futures on" to see how they fit you, so you can make the best choices for yourself as to what gives you the most joy and comfort for your life.

We can look at all aspects of personal relationships and understand what may be the underlying issues that may be blocking you from the love and happiness that you want and deserve. We can discover how to heal and clear these obstacles so you can experience profound love and joy in your relationships.

Giving you names and dates regarding relationships, or any aspect of the future for that matter, is cautioned for several reasons. First, it can be extremely limiting. You have the power to create anything that you choose - if you invest all of your energy in only one possibility, you limit your options drastically. Second, because you have infinite choice, you can change the future, which I believe is the beauty of a psychic reading - you can change or enhance the future to be what you choose it to be once you are empowered with the necessary knowledge and information.

You can change your "fate" simply by making another choice - this is true even beyond death, as those who have chosen to return from near-death experiences have shown us. It is never too late to choose, and to choose again if you are not happy with the first choice.

When I read your Akashic Record, I can speak to you of your destiny - your desired destination and outcome. I can tell you what gifts, strengths, knowledge and wisdom you carry within you, and what issues from other lifetimes must be reconciled and overcome. I can tell you how, when, and where there may be windows of opportunity, doorways of transformation, and pathways for transcendence. I can tell you how to heal and improve your relationships with yourself and with others, how to attract what you truly desire as well as how to release any blocks and overcome any obstacles to that. I can tell you what's been holding you back, and how best to move forward. These are the benefits of accessing your Akashic Record.

Knowledge is power, so the more you know, the greater is your power to make the best choices in your life. This is one of the great gifts that a psychic reading can give you. The future is not set in stone, infinite possibilities exist. You determine the future by the choices you make right now, and in this way, you contribute to the collective future of humanity. By accessing your Akashic Record, I can help you to live a life of joy, which contributes to the joy of all of humanity, raising the frequency of this planet and bringing about peace within the collective consciousness. This is my purpose, this is my mission, and it is my passion to help you and humanity in this way.

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"Responsibility is power. You have the power of choice.
You are always responsible for the choices you make and the actions you take."
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