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Question: "I have been dowsing for about 3 months and had found it quite helpful in so many ways. But recently, all I can connect with are negative entities and am unable to connect with my spirit guides. Am I doing something wrong to bring these unwanted entities through continuously?"

Psychic Advice:
Dowsing with a pendulum is an excellent way to receive spiritual guidance. It is often called "Divining" because it allows you to connect to a divine source in order to access all kinds of information. The power of your intention is what directs the pendulum to access the information you seek.

It is absolutely imperative that you set an intention for psychic and spiritual protection before dowsing with a pendulum, or using any other divination tools or techniques. Whenever you open yourself to connect with spiritual guidance, you become a receiver and a conduit for psychic energies. This is what allows you to access all types of information, but it can also allow other entities to access you through that conduit if you have not protected yourself properly.

The Law of Free Will reigns supreme on Earth, so your energy can only be infringed upon if you allow it to be, or if you give your power away in some form. The first thing you must do before dowsing with a pendulum is to imagine a thick bubble of white light completely surrounding you, and declare: "The light of love surrounds me, protecting me from all that is not love". I would suggest that you begin each dowsing session with this visualization, and that you also begin and end each day surrounding yourself with the light of love and affirming your protection. This will hold you in a high vibration and protect you from negativity of all kinds.

You can also hold the pendulum in your hands for a moment, envisioning the pendulum surrounded by white light and making the statement: "This pendulum is a tool for accessing only the highest source of wisdom and guidance for the highest and best good of all, and it is protected from all else. And so it is, forevermore."

When you begin dowsing with the pendulum, close your eyes and relax. Imagine that there is a beam of light going up from the top of your head and going directly into the great sun above you. This Great Sun is the Source of all wisdom, guidance, healing, and All That Is. Imagine that this sun is sending you energy, guidance and love through the beam of light above you, and down through your head and body, and into the pendulum.

When you are dowsing with a pendulum, you become like a radio or television attuning yourself to receive information. Your mind and your intention attune you to the frequency of the information you are seeking. You are sending your question up through the beam of light to the Source of all knowing, and that Source is sending you back the answer. Your mind is the antenna, your body becomes the receiver, and the pendulum becomes the speaker or screen through which you see the answer shown to you clearly. Essentially, the pendulum serves as a cosmic search engine, allowing you to receive any information that you put your mind to!

Pendulum dowsing is an excellent way for you to communicate with your spirit guides, and for them to be able to communicate with you. However, if you have opened yourself to negative entities, you may feel nervous about dowsing again. You can actually use the pendulum to help you release these negative entities. Make sure that you do all of the above visualizations and affirmations, then call upon your spirit guides to help you remove all negative entities. Ask your spirit guides to: "Please take all negative entities to their rightful place and dimension, and neutralize their presence in my energy field, removing all negative effects of these entities and all patterns that attract them." As you hold the pendulum while you do this, the pendulum will probably swing in a negative direction until the task is complete, then it will start to swing in a positive direction once the negativity is cleared.

If you feel that the pendulum itself has taken on negative energies, or the energies of other people, you can either let it go and get another pendulum, or you can clear it with your will and intent. Hold the pendulum in your hands, close your eyes, and state aloud: "By the power of All That Is Light and All That Is Love I command you to be cleared of all negativity and to be cleansed and purified in the Light of Love. And so it is." Then open your hand and blow on the pendulum, imagining that your breath is blowing away any negative energy and cleansing your pendulum. You can further add: "I banish all negativity from this pendulum, from me and from my space and command it to return to its rightful place forevermore, never to return again." You can do this with crystals and with all divination tools.

Crystal pendulums need to be cleared and cleansed often because crystals naturally absorb energy. In my opinion, brass pendulums are best because they are highly conductive to electromagnetic energy, which makes them highly responsive. Also, different shapes influence pendulum dowsing results. The Diamond Pendulum (which is made of solid brass) draws on the energies of sacred geometry by incorporating two inverted pyramids. This pendulum gives clear and accurate responses, and is ideal for those who want to learn dowsing (it comes with clear and simple instructions). A lot of expert dowsers and healers also prefer the Diamond Pendulum because of its responsiveness and accuracy.

A pendulum is an ideal divination tool for accessing divine guidance and answering all kinds of questions. If you want the best and most accurate dowsing results, it is important to use an excellent pendulum, and to make sure that your mind and your intention are clear.

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